Anthology for Handbells

Anthology for Handbells

This anthology includes music composed for small ensembles (up to 4 or 5 players). The scores are varied in style and structure, require no more than 8 to 10 bells, and will offer ensembles with some skill a chance to experience new sounds and tonal characters. Each of the 8 pieces in this collection are playable within a standard three octave set of English Handbells and fall in the G4 through g6 range. Some extended techniques for ringing are indicated and in the case of the Bonaventure work, “The Ones Who Rest”, individual parts have been extracted from the full score for the player’s ease of page turns.

These are freely composed works and none are transcriptions or arrangements based on pre-existing melodies or instrumental repertoire.

You will note that LV (let vibrate) is strongly preferred over R (ring) techniques.

In general, we hold to the philosophy of ‘let bells be bells’.

At the end of the anthology you will find a primer on a manner of composing for such a small ensemble. Based in serial technique, this will yield a practical piece which will have a distinguishing character due to the arrangement and quality of intervals found in the randomly derived series. Granted, discovering the notes to use and defining their order is the easy part. Compositional technique and imagination and critical thinking is what ultimately will make for a proper piece of music. But we feel that conductors and performers alike should attempt to make their own music for their ensembles. In this primer, we humbly offer a way forward with a bit of instruction.

The best part is that the entire collection is available for instant download at the incredibly reasonable price of just £20! Remember – this is a one-off payment licensing your choir to perform all these works – this represents a huge savings over individually purchased items and we hope you’ll take advantage of this offer soon.

Table of Contents

Jared Isaac Aragón
Light Through Haze (8 bells)
Light Through Mist (9 bells)
Light Through Stained Glass (9 bells)

Huw Morgan
The Solitary City (10 bells)

Frederick Frahm
Temple Bells (8 bells)
Toccata (8 bells)
Two Copper Coins (10 bells)

Michael Bonaventure
The Ones Who Rest (10 bells)
full score and a set of individual parts

How to write your own handbell piece in a few easy steps
A primer on compositional technique

See a PDF of the complete anthology

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