Listed below is our chamber music catalogue.

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Frederick Frahm. Piano quartet in four movements.

Jared Isaac Aragón. Chamber music for vibes & bass viola da gamba.

Jared Isaac Aragón. Chamber music for organ and cello.

Frederick Frahm. A chamber work for organ and strings (violin, viola, and cello).

Jared Isaac Aragón. Music for organ & harp.

By Eric Walters. Chamber work for cello & piano. Hear the composer's performance on Youtube! Of this work, the composer wrote in a program note from 2011: Diapason Riff (2008)…

Nicholas Wibberley. Serial ensemble work for double saxophone, bongos and piano

Frederick Frahm. Chamber music for Oboe and Viola

Jared Isaac Aragón. A suite of works for Native American Flute and Organ.