logofontalefFirehead Editions is a Trans-Atlantic partnership with creative members located in the United Kingdom and the United States.

As distinguished artists working in the church, we have extensive experience in composing, conducting and performing music for liturgy. This website serves as a resource for the new music we have created for our choirs, organists, and chamber ensembles. We hope this music will inspire your performers, bear repetition, and be worthy of a place in the worship life of your faith community.

A note from the publishers:

Yes, there really is new music being written for the church, daily so! The three of us decided to contribute in our own way to the music of parish choirs and organists, and Firehead Editions is a result of that effort. We want very much to share our music and we hope to enrich the catalogue of repertoire for those who render fitting musical praises in houses of worship. We thrive in writing music for our ensembles, and we know their voices well.

When we agreed to establish Firehead Editions, we did so with the following covenants and goals between us:

We will resource church with distinctive repertoire-music worth learning, performing, and repeating

We will be ‘green‘ and offer our products digitally online

We will support and mutually promote each other’s efforts in our music making

We will seek out new poets and hymn-writers for their words will surely inspire us with new melodies

We will vet our products with our own choirs and performers to be sure our products are excellent

We will remember the source and purpose of our gifts in our art-making

In all things, Soli Deo Gloria!

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