By Luiz Henrique Yudo. Amazônia (1993) is originally scored for string quartet. Throughout the whole piece we hear only a single rhythmic figure of an 8th note being consistently repeated and combined in different patterns. The original score has indications of bowing attacks for the strings, with the idea of creating a visual choreography suggesting the relentless sawing of trees. Amazônia is a vibrant ode to the Amazon forest, to its very last tree. You can hear a performance by Michael Bonaventure on SoundCloud.

Concerning the organ transcription, Michael Bonaventure writes:
In adapting Amazônia for the organ in 2013 I chose not to attempt to imitate the way in which strings might deliver this music, but instead to exploit the near-percussive qualities of the more powerful, trumpet-like reed stops generally found on organs. This imbues the piece with a consistently hard, bright timbre and generates a body of sound entirely in keeping with the urgent insistence and excitement of the music.