By Frederick Frahm.

Libretto by the composer after a play by Stephen Phillips (The Adversary, 1913)

Synopsis: Fernando, a middle aged, impoverished scion of an ancient house in Toledo struggles with his state of being. His wife, Marguerita, tries to console him and asks him who might be responsible for his fall from power and wealth. Fernando doesn’t doesn’t claim to remember anyone who might harbor ill against him. In the shadowy halls of the dimly lit castle Fernando encounters a cloaked figure who is unknown to him. He becomes terrified as the Figure refuses to identify himself or declare his purpose. After Marguerita leaves him and additional tragedy falls on the house-hold, Fernando begins to lose his mind.

A chamber ensemble instrumentation for piano quartet (vln, vla, vcel & pfte) is also available.

Performance duration: circa 18″

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