by Frederick Frahm. Concert work for organ solo. This music for organ, is subtitled “Angels and Shepherds”. A narrative by the composer is offered here for performer program notes:

A dark night,
illuminated only by stars
some sleeping,
some guarding a quiet flock of sheep

An icy cold,
A chilling wind,
Warmth, and kinship,
found only in close company

From the sky,
A bold trumpeting,
Piercing the night air,
Fear-some and profound,
Resounding through the heavens

The shepherds,
Wary and strong,
Accustomed to their pattern,
Earthy and uncomplicated—
They are startled from their sleep,
They are afraid for this celestial happening

Above them,
Above the trumpeting,
A star, bright and golden,
Points to the earth,
The radiant light shines on a distant stable,
The place where our redeemer is laid,
Where our salvation is born.
God made flesh.

A recording of the world premiere played by Robin Walker is available on SoundCloud.