We’re pleased to announce the following performances of works by composers published by Firehead Editions. If you have programmed a performance of a Firehead work, please be so kind as to let us know. We’re happy to post it here and to add it to our social media dispatches. All stated performance times are local time.

21 August 2018
Hymn Prelude on Song 9 by Huw Morgan
Alastair Johnston, organ
12.30pm, St Ives Parish Church, St Ives (UK)

3 September 2018
Haven by Huw Morgan
David Pipe, organ
1pm, St Michael’s, Cornhill, City of London (UK)

7 September 2018
Celestial Objects by Michael Bonaventure
Michael Bonaventure, organ & electronics
7pm, Barclay Viewforth Church, Edinburgh (UK)

16 September 2018
Fault by Huw Morgan
Alexander Meszler & Kimberly Marshall (organ & electronics) (first performance)
Arizona State University organ hall (USA)

27 September 2018
Vor Tau und Tag by Huw Morgan
Interlude X by Michael Bonaventure (first performance)
Michael Bonaventure, organ and electronics
7pm, Grote Kerk, Oosthuizen (NLD)

30 September 2018
Haven by Huw Morgan
Old Stone Church 
by Frederick Frahm
Frederick Frahm, organ
3pm, First Presbyterian Church, Albuquerque NM (USA)

2 October 2018
Haven, Dialogues, Living Stones by Huw Morgan
Sarah Hughes, organ
Oxford Chamber Music Festival
7pm, University Church, Oxford (UK)

12 October 2018
Filius Autem… by Neil Thornock
Fantasy no. 6 by Frederick Frahm (first performance)
Hymn Preludes by Huw Morgan
Huw Morgan, organ
1pm, Leeds Minster (UK)

4 November 2018
Tse Bi dahi by Frederick Frahm
the dwelling beneath sacred waters by Jared Aragón
Jared Aragón, organ
2pm, Grace St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Tucson, AZ (USA)

1 December 2018
Little Jesus, Sweetly Sleep by Mark Hewitt (1st performance)
Parnham Voices
3.30pm, St. Martin’s Church, North Perrott, Somerset (UK)

6 January 2019
That Yönge Child by Huw Morgan
The Ripieno Choir
7pm, All Saints, Weston Green, London (UK)