Yes!, from time to time the creative team at Firehead Editions are interested in reviewing new work to add to our online catalog. We want to encourage composers to continue making music for the church and concert hall and hope to provide a resource for the best of that repertoire at Firehead.

Before you send us anything for review, please consider the following:

1. Firehead Editions is not a traditional print music publisher. All of our music is available for instant download only (with only incredibly rare and expensive exceptions) so you need to be comfortable with that concept. We will help you with tidying up your already engraved scores to spec, but we do not undertake any ground zero engraving projects.

2. Please review the works posted on our site. If your music does not share a synchronicity in terms of character, complexity, or continental consciousness, it is unlikely we would go to bat for you and include your music here. Also, if your music is a setting of something already posted on the site, it’s best to send something else.

3. We consider ourselves a collective of like minded artists and our site is intended to be a resource for those artists to exploit in the marketing of their own work. Our promotion on your behalf will be limited to Social Media outreach and not so much (if at all) to print media presentation. In other words, our intent here is for you to use our site to market your work. For that we require a small portion of your sales in return. Our commitment to new artists is substantial (it costs good money to host and secure this site) so we’ll need to be keen on your submitted work to make an invitation.

4. While it should be evident that our primary bread and butter consists of music for the church, and specifically organ and choral works, chamber music is something we prize (especially if it includes the organ) and we are expanding our catalog to include opera and art song. However, if you can write idiomatically for the organ and have amazing new ideas about how you might fill a large cathedral with enrapturing sound from the King of Instruments, you may very well become our new best friend.

5. Your profile on Firehead, should we decide to invite you join this collective, is important. This means for the site we will require a professional headshot in Hi Res, a SoundCloud or YouTube presence, scores that are engraved in Finale (or Sibelius, sigh…), and one or several Social Media accounts. This will enable us to connect you in our Social Media promos. Also, in a media driven and content saturated world, the best way for you to make a lasting impression on your prospective patrons is to offer them an appealing online résumé to help them learn more about you and your creative accomplishments.

If you have any questions, of course do CONTACT us. If you feel that you’d like us to review your work for inclusion, we’d love to hear from you.

Bon Chance!

the Creative Team at Firehead Editions